The Helping Hand

SDG Target

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SDG Goal: Reducing inequalities and ensuring no one is left behind are integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Inequality within and among countries is a persistent cause for concern. Despite a few positive signs toward reducing inequality in some dimensions, such as reducing relative income inequality in some countries and preferential trade status benefiting lower-income countries, inequality still persists.

Problem the Helping Hand addresses: 


There are approximately 300,000 landmine-related amputees in the third world today; 20% of those are children. If there is need a hand for other reasons there are at least 1 million people in need. There are estimated to be 50,000 landmine related amputees in Cambodia alone based on UN statistics.


The people impacted are usually unable to afford to a working prosthesis and the cheapest option costs about $3,000 (in Australia prosthesis can cost up to $70,000)

What is the task?


In approximately an hour, assemble a prosthetic hand following the instruction manual provided.

Event Date: Eary November

Duration of event: 1 hour per time zone

Resources Required:

  1. 3-4 Employees/Volunteers who are interested in assembling a prosthetic hand, and devote around 10 hours from preparation to complete the Challenge.

  2. A laptop that has a speaker and microphone, which can get online and able to conduct video conferencing.

  3. A conference room/ classroom/ indoor space that is suitable for video conferencing.



Sponsors:​ Lions Club of Hong Kong IFC 

                  Design Thinking Sustainability Global Communities

Sponsorship Amount: $5000 (USD)